Mframe is the only system on the market which is modular and totally portable. It has also a possibility of continued modification.

The system stands out from the other ones because of simple aluminium frames. Assembly and disassembly is extremly easy and we can make it intuitively.

Diversity and easy way of connecting frames cause that constructions can have various shapes. Thanks to special kind of connectors there is no need to use any tools. Additionaly there is a possibility to mount LED screen, shelfes and built up a storage kit.

Mframe is one system but it has a lot of purposes. It can be perfect exhibition wall or multifunctional portable system used at fair trades. It will work out perfectly also in showrooms and at companie's headquarters.

The system is sustainable and solid so it can be used many times. We can change only printed fabrics with different design and we will have totally new product with minimalized costs at the same time. Prints which are adjusted on the frames are made on PVC or polyester fabic.

We can construct the system in many ways by connecting different sizes and shapes of the frames. We have in our offer straight frames but also curved ones so we're able to bulit up arches as well. This kind of combination is a huge facilitation but also gives us more possibilities when we design our booth.

Additional asset of the system is that it is very easy and covenient for transportation.

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